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Thanksgiving Foods and Farm History

November 10, 2021

Hi there!!

I am Super Excited to share information and news about our Family Farm!

My Dad, "Abner", has been farming almost all his life, and so were his Parents, Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. When Abner was growing up they did Commercial Farming on a small scale, because of the Amish Regulations, which is No big Farm Machinery, not much electric, and (back then) they hardly had any engines. Horses and People did almost all the work!

So when Abner got Married and started his own Farm, he wanted to sell his Dairy directly to consumers, instead of sending it to big Milk companies at very low costs. So with the help of Weston A Price Foundation and a few members, he learned about the importance of "Truly Healthy" Foods, he set up a very small Pick-up location in New Jersey.

That was about 20 Years ago, and by now Abner has a Family of 6 Girls and 4 Boys, and we have Numerous pick-up locations in NJ and NYC area, and we have something set up that we can send food to your home!

So this Holiday Season I am excited about sharing Healthy, Chemical-free, Soy-free, Truly-Naturally-Raised foods with you and Your Family!

We Offer Thanksgiving Turkeys, Home-made Sourdough Bread, Home-grown Vegetables, Pork Steaks and Roasts, Home-made Sauerkraut, Hand-crafted Sausages, Wild-Caught Salmon, and a lot more!

So if you want to prepare a Meal this Thanksgiving, We would love to share some foods to make your Meal even better! Whether it is just some Delicious Home-made butter for cooking, or if it is a complete Turkey or Pork & Sauerkraut dish, we would love to be part of it!

You can Visit our new Website for all the Products, and see your best delivery Options! If you are not very close to us in Lancaster County PA, you may want to place the order soon so we can make sure you get the food before Thanksgiving!

We are a Small Farm, so we like a bit of time to Prepare your food! So feel free to place the order soon!

Thank you so much for Supporting Family Farms! You help them Survive, and you support the Happy Animals that are doing their best to protect the Environment!

May God richly Bless you this Holiday Season!

Have a Blessed Day!

With Love,

Abner's son, -GideonReserve Your Thanksgiving Turkey Now!!

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Gideon Lapp
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