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Home-made Baby Formula

May 23, 2022

This Info is from Weston A Price Foundation:

Although we recommend breastfeeding primarily, we offer a homemade formula recipe. It was developed by Mary Enig, PhD (in nutritional sciences), co-author of Nourishing Traditions, and has been nourishing babies safely and effectively for 20 years. We recommend it because it's nutritionally superior to commercial formula. 

On a recent interview on CHD TV with Polly Tommey, Sally Fallon Morell thoroughly explained the value of this homemade formula. 

We actually have two formulas--milk-based and, for those who cannot handle milk, liver-based. Please see our formula page which has the recipes, video, FAQs, testimonials and more: 

Please help in the following ways: 

1.   Refer to our baby formula page for further information such as the recipe, a video, FAQs, etc:

2.      Refer to our Formula trifold:

3.      Find raw milk (They can feed the child raw milk diluted with about 20% water while they gather items for the formula)

4.      Find the items needed besides milk: probiotic, lactose, nutritional yeast, gelatin, homemade whey, acerola powder and coconut, olive, cod liver and sunflower oils. You may be able to find items locally and can also use the sources listed in Nourishing Traditions. Plus, Radiant Life sells them all as a bundle:

5.      Refer to a support group for parents. Nourishing Our Children, a project of WAPF, offers communal support Facebook group on how to nourish your children (for a small $5 fee):


If there are questions that you can’t answer, you can contact us


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