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What Does a Morning look like at the Farm?

written by

Gideon Lapp

posted on

September 19, 2023

This week was a special week at the Farm! My parents and all my sisters were in Indiana visiting family, and the 4 boys are here taking care of all the Farm work!

We love farming, cooking, and together time, so our meals are extremely fun and this morning's breakfast was extremely delicious!

On a regular day, I (Gideon) don't do a lot with the animals, as my chore is to do the website work and customer service, then go to my Part-time job. But this week with just us 4 boys here, I'm managing the place.

The 4 Lapp Boys:

  • Gideon age 22
  • Jacob age 15
  • Jr age 12
  • Daniel age 7

So, early morning I bring the cows in at 5:30, then Jacob and Jr milk them, and care for the cows, calves, and horses, while I go out to the hens to make sure they have feed and water!

I was reminded how early the chickens are! It was still partly dark, and the chickens were all over the field! Some of them were over 600 feet away from their coop and enjoying the morning bugs and grubs!


They were all so busy, and they do this every morning! It just made me think how much better it feels in the morning then in the evening!

Once I took care of the chickens, I changed the fence so the cows have fresh grass today, then they were ready to come out in the field!

The farm property is on both sides of the road, so we let the cows over the road a lot! 


Sorry for the bright sun, but this is right behind the barn, and the cows are heading into the pasture for the day!

Then came the exciting breakfast time! We had bacon, Sausage, toast, and eggs were so good! The toast, sausage, and eggs we fried in bacon grease and lard, and it was the best we ever had!

Then the rest of the forenoon we moved and fed the chickens, and this afternoon we want to do some repairs in the barn to surprise dad!

Thankfully my part-time job isn't as busy this week, so they said I don't need to come this week, so I'm excited to get some stuff done at the farm this week before the winter weather comes!

I hope you have a Blessed day!

-Gideon and the Lapp Boys!

Also, a reminder that the guesthouse at the Farm is in order, and is available to anybody that wants to spend time their at the Farm! 

To save on bnb fees, text me to arrange your visit, but here is the Airbnb listing and info:

(My text # is: Gideon 717-824-0537)

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