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How Long Does Raw Dairy Last?

April 4, 2023

Alright! Raw Dairy Products like it cold, so the colder it is the longer it lasts!

For all Raw Dairy if it goes beyond the suggested times below, it still stays safe, but the taste is most times not as good. (But if you can take the taste, it is safe.)

Important note: If the milk gets warm at any time, it will turn sour quicker. So for best results keep all dairy cold at all times.

Milk: If the milk stays around 35 Degrees it should stay good for around 10-14 days. If it is around 39 degrees it may just stay good for 8-12 days.

Cream: Should last around 14 days, then will turn into a delicious Sour Cream.

Butter: Can last 3-6 weeks in the Fridge. Can last 4-7 days unrefrigerated. Or can be frozen for 2-5 Months.

Kefir, Buttermilk, and Yogurt: Should taste fresh for 14 days, then will slowly start getting stronger after that. (Should have a good flavor for up to 20+ days.)

Cheese: Should stay good unopened and refrigerated for 1-2 Months. Then once opened lasts long but may get a harmless mold if not used much, but just scrape that harmless mold off, and the rest is totally fine!
(Certain cheeses create a mold that is safe to eat, and is actually very healthy!)

Colostrum: Arrives to you Frozen, and can be kept frozen for up to 2 months. Then once defrosted I suggest use within 7 days.

Again, for Raw Dairy Products that are produced right, they don't exactly go bad, but may naturally turn sour after certain periods of time.


Can I Freeze Milk? Yes, Freezing foods does loose some nutrients, but if you can't pick-up the food every month, you can freeze for as long as 1-2 months or more.

When freezing Milk, always be aware that it will expand, so use a Plastic Jugs and don't make the jug full. (If frozen in Glass bottles, it will break Glass. And when the bottle if full it will pop the Lid off.)

If you like Milk from glass bottles but want to avoid the expensive Glass Jar cost, you can order milk in plastic then transfer to your saved Glass Jars as soon as you get it!

Gideon Lapp
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