Now Offering Home Delivery in NJ and NYC.
Plus save 3% if you apply for automatic recurring Orders.

New Jersey:

Any Other States:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change the order after I placed it?

Yes, you can change your order anytime till the ordering Deadline, which is 3 days before Delivery.

When is my Card Charged?

Note: Your Card is NOT charged when you confirm the order! It is charged after the food is packed and on the way! (For pick-up locations, you get the food before it is charged.) Also note: For meat and cheese the exact weight and price may change depending on the final weight of the item.

Pick-up Location frequently asked Questions:

How do Pick-up Locations work:

Our Pick-up locations are at private homes. Our driver sets your packed order at that home, then you pick-up with-in the next 1-5 hours. The complete Location address is given to you after you place the order!

What days are the Pick-ups?

Pickups in New Jersey are on Friday Mornings!

How often are the Pick-up locations?

Right now most of the locations are every other week, but we deliver to New Jersey Every week.

Home Delivery frequently asked Questions:

How can we ship Frozen foods and fresh Dairy to you?

We cold-ship everything in Insulated Boxes, and add ice packs. And most times it arrives to you in 1-2 days.

Do I have to be home for Home-delivery?

No, UPS will just set at your doorstep. But it would be nice if it could get in your Fridge soon!

For any more Questions, Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Farmer by text or email!

Email: or text Gideon at 717-824-0537

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