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Natural Ways to Detox the Body!

July 24, 2023

We love sharing our Home remedies that we have learned from our Grandparents!

Natural ways the Lapp Family uses to detox the body:

The first detox we most times do when we feel a bellyache, is the old way of burning toast: 
Toasting a Piece of Bread till it is slightly or everything black, then add Raw Butter and Honey or Salt. And Enjoy!

The burnt toast is like Charcoal to the body, and (according to our Grandparents) it really cleanses the Body and pulls toxins.
To me, this tastes good to me even if other food doesn't. Even occasionally when I feel good, it tastes good to have toast that is slightly burnt.


Another thing that we sometimes do even if we feel healthy, is eat Onions, Garlic, Sauerkraut or horseradish every day for 14+ days in a row.
This is a bit more like a body cleanse, but the results are amazing!

Or sometimes we drink Kefir or Beet kvass for 7+ days to strengthen our immune system!

Gideon Lapp
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