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OrganiCleanse to remove toxins and chemicals off Fruits!

May 27, 2023

Alert on all Fruit you eat!

Did you know that a major factor in allergies is that fruit in your meals contains toxins and contaminated films and cleaners that coats proteins, preventing them from being fully Digested?

Health Practitioners state "with all the toxins and coatings that could be on an apple, there are enough toxins in an apple peel to give a 6 year old child a toxic overload!"

Seems like the old saying "An apple a day keep the doctors away" may no long be true, but should now be changed to "An apple a day brings doctors right away!"

Researcher Tom Mower made an all-organic, Environmentally friendly, Sisel-Safe product named OrganiCleanse, that penetrates and breaks down toxins, pesticides and weed killing residues, and will remove these harmful coatings from the peel and body of the fruit.

Did you know most store-bought Fruits and Veggies (including Organic) are dipped or covered in invisible wax and/or Apeel coating to make them last longer & look fresher?

The Proof is in the Testimonies: OrganiCleanse-Testimonies

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Keep Your Healthy Diet Healthy!!

Gideon Lapp
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