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OrganiCleanse Testimonies

May 27, 2023

Testimonials of Organi-Cleanse:

Ange K. - I washed a bunch of fruits and veggies with OrganiCleanse. I put the OrganiCleanse in the water and it was clear.. didn't look like there was anything in there but plain water. I dumped the produce in, and it started pulling the waxes, pesticides and other contaminants off. I was left with a really gross waxy, grimy, gross sludge in my sink! My veggies actually tastes better because I wasn't tasting all of that weird residue! Even organic veggies are get contaminated with parasites, just think "people sneezing and touching your apples!" OrganiClease was designed to safely kill them as well as remove any residue from transport or the store. - From Tom Mower (Owner & Chief Scientist) "Organic has more contaminates from parasites than conventional produce. Conventional produce has more toxins than Organic. This is why OrganiCleanse is designed to detoxify toxins and kill parasites and wash away dirt and contaminants in one. Best of all it uses surfactants that rinse cleanly away and remove soils you would never thought were in the produce. Try cleaning organic in your sink with water and then clean with OrganiCleanse after and you will find dirty water as this formula goes deeply into the peel and emulsifies the contaminates and leeches them out into the water where they wash off clean." So test it, try rinsing organic fruits and veg as usual, then clean the same produce with OrganiCleanse and check out the water. It's gonna be gross!! And here's the super cool part: You can even wash meat! Cleaning chicken prior to cooking will kill germs!! And, it tastes better too!

Emma M. - I soaked some freshly caught catfish overnight in OrganiCleanse and it pulled out the mud and the muddy taste.. the fish was delicious!!

Joyce K. - When I told my husband that Strawberries were the worst and found out that Sisel had a Product that would take all the Toxins out of them, he said, "order it!!" You will not believe what came out in the water!! I suggest that you order it too - Then tell me what you think when you see the water you washed them in - With just a very little OrganiCleanse!

Barb G. - This evening I was able to introduce family members and their in-laws to
OrganiCleanse! They were astonished of what came off their fruits and vegetables. And they were amazed at how much better the fruit and fresh vegetables tasted after being cleaned

Linda W. - One of my Distributors called yesterday so excited. She wanted to make Homemade Chicken she washed all of her vegetables AND the chicken with OrganiCleanse. She said her soup was AMAZING and the BEST Chicken Soup she has ever made...she said the flavors just Popped!!!!

T. Donnelly - I was cleaning off the cover of our pool after the winter and the surface had deteriorated and was loaded with decomposed organic grime, leaves, dirt, pollen.....the works. I got it on my hands and could not get them clean or get rid of the odor no matter how much soap, cleanser I used. Standing at the sink, I saw the OrganiCleanse. If that can clean a pesticide off my strawberries, why not try it. Sure enough it took one rinse with it and the gunk was right off without hardly scrubbing. I think I might put this in my dispenser!

L. Hagar - I just used ORGANICLEANSE to clean the lichen off of my metal patio furniture. Just sprayed it on from a bottle mixed with some water... it sort of bubbled up. A very light scrub, rinse...and gone!

Linda W. -
Okay, I have been "excitedly waiting with anticipation" to post this Testimony! I had to be sure it worked first! I had someone who was diagnosed with Scabies (Itch Mites) back in December. He had been given a Prescription Cream, but had no success. He was absolutely miserable with the itching. They were all over his hands and feet, legs, inner thighs, stomach and lower back. I had him try everything I knew to help relieve the itching and researched all the home remedies I could to get rid of these little devils. Most of them were pretty bad, and toxic, and others so expensive. He has been out of work since November and has no insurance. I even gave him the Terminator which provided short term relief from the itching. I looked at all of our products and did an awful lot of praying. I felt so bad for him because 30 years ago, my daughter got Scabies after spending the weekend with a classmate. One night about 2 weeks ago, while lying in my bed, it hit me! OrganiCleanse!!!! I figured if that stuff can kill parasites, pull all the junk out of our fruits and vegetables and it is TOXIN FREE... Why NOT? Soooo I gave this gentleman the OrganiCleanse with these instructions. Put it on your body and leave it on for 3 hours and wash it off... Repeat for 3 days. Well, the first 24 hours his skin looked better and some places were completely dried up. EVERY day got better. All the remedies I had read about, including the Prescription Cream, stated you may have some itching for up to 14 days after a treatment of any kind. Each day his itching got less and less...and today he told me...The Scabies are GONE! No New Breakouts! All the places are healed up too! (I think it may have worked even faster had he left it on all night, but the stuff is a little sticky as you know...) BTW I also had him to wash all of his bedding and his clothes in the OrganiCleanse. I LOVE

People are also soaking their meats in OrganiClense to pull the toxins and junk out!

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