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How the New System Works

December 3, 2022

I am excited to explain how the Trust works! Even tho it might not really bother you, and the ordering process is the same, you might have some interest of the "behind the scenes" setup.

Clearview Waterfalls Health Ministry

A Private and Subordinate Irrevocable Ecclesiastical Trust

(An "Integrated Auxiliary" as defined by 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a))

Clearview Waterfalls Health Ministry shall be a private, non-statutory, non-commercial, Common Law-created, Irrevocable Ecclesiastical Trust in Exclusive English/American Equity created by private bilateral contract between the Creator/Grantor-Settlor, and the Trustee, within the Union Nation/State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The purpose and intent of Clearview Waterfalls Health Ministry is to provide non-commercial, private Church assets (food) in exchange for gifts from the Charitable Beneficiaries of the Trust.

All those desiring to be Beneficiaries, upon completion of a contract and approval by the First Trustee, shall be Charitable Beneficiaries of Clearview Waterfalls Health Ministry.

To enjoy the use of these services and foods, the Charitable Beneficiaries shall provide Charitable Gifts (money or other personal property) in exchange for supplies and services.

The purpose of Clearview Waterfalls Heath Ministry is to first receive charitable gifts and donations in exchange for Trust property and assets (foods).

  1.  The Trust is not "in business" either publically or privately; and
  2. The Trust Has no "employees" but only uses Charitable Volunteers in providing the Charitable assets and services of the Trust to its Charitable Beneficiaries; and
  3. The Trust does not "sell" "products" or any Charitable assets or service of the Trust; and
  4. The Trust asks no "price" for any Charitable assets or services of the Trust, but asks only a "gift amount" "in exchange" for said assets and services of the Trust; and,
  5. The Trust does not charge "sales tax" since the Trust is not in retail business; and,
  6. The Trust, in providing a "gift receipt" as a result of any exchange of property between the Trustee's Charitable Volunteers and the Charitable Beneficiaries is not to be construed that the Trust is "doing business" in any form whatsoever; and,
  7. The Trust considers all exchanges of Charitable Gifts for Trust assets the be final but may provide a "Reversal" of the exchange if deemed equitable to both parties; and,
  8. The Trust only offers its Charitable Trust assets and services in exchange for Charitable Gifts only from its non-public Charitable Beneficiaries; and,
  9. The Trust does not allow any natural person to provide a Charitable Gift in exchange for any Charitable asset or service of the Trust unless that natural person is a non-public, Charitable Beneficiary having completed this private, contractual Application AND upon tendering a one-time fee of $30.00, has been Approved by the First Trustee, Abner Lapp, or his Agent, being responsible for either Approval or Denial of this Application.

Hope You Enjoy!!!

Gideon Lapp
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