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Baby Horse was Born!

April 12, 2022

Our Family (being Amish) doesn't drive vehicles, so we still drive the Horses and Buggies on the road!

My neighboring cousins buy and resell horses, so 3 years ago we got a horse from them in exchange for a lot of our butter.

We named the horse 'Dodge'. She was around 9 years old when we got her, and she and/or her ancestors have been into horse racing in their early years.

Dodge is a standardbred horse, which is in the 'Racing Horse family', and the Amish usually could get Standardbreds for pretty cheap because they made their money on the tracks, then once they didn't do well on the tracks were sent to auctions, and came to the Amish.

But those Standardbreds from the racetrack quite often eventually get stomach tumors or other diseases, and had shorter lives, because of all the harmful drugs, steroids, and Stimulants they were given at the early stage in life.

But on Dodge's records I can't see that she raced, and she has been with the Amish for quite long! She has taken me and my sisters to the youth group pretty often, and my Family drove her all around town for the past 3 years.

She seems very Healthy, and this morning she delivered a big, Healthy foal!

(Let's name the baby 'Uniquely Peaceful' because her mother's registered name is 'Peaceful River' nicknamed by us as Dodge. And the father's name is 'Unique Limited Edition' nicknamed as Eddie.

----------The Story of the Foal's Father-----------------------

The Foals' Father, Eddie, is a Morgan Horse. (Morgan Horses tend to have longer lives, and are smaller but more versatile than Standardbreds.)

Eddie was bought at a Local Auction by my dear Friend, Bradley. I first met Bradley as a food customer, and before long Bradley was doing small taxi runs, and a few times did truck deliveries for us, and he suddenly got interested in Horses.

So Eddie was his first horse, and here is an interview with the previous owner. They are presenting Eddie's Father, Black Gold, which is a very famous Stallion in Lancaster County. Watch Interview on Youtube.

(Unfortunately Eddie had an accident and didn't make it, but Bradley is looking forward to the few foals that should be born this spring as Eddie's offspring.)

-------Back to the Baby Horse, Uniquely Peaceful-----

I checked on the Mother horse at 1AM, and by 5 AM she had a healthy foal standing by her side, so my guess is she was born around 3AM on April 12th.

The foal is still just learning to walk, and below are some pictures. I'll be adding more pictures daily this week, and will probably be adding more pictures in the months and years to come if you want to watch a horse grow!

Gideon's Carriage is in the Background.

My youngest Brother, Daniel, is in the watching from behind the baby. In the background is our Grandparents' house, and our new house right beside that.

Happily drinking it's colostrum on the Frist day of life.

If you would like to be a part of our Horse's life on the farm, feel free to contact me, Gideon.

We never did this before, but you could be part owner of a horse by putting money down, then the Lapp Family can drive, feed, and take care of the horse! Then on your Family Vacations you can come visit your horse, and have a horse & Buggy ride.

Or Buying more of our foods also supports the Lapp Family, and thus gets passed down to caring for the Horses.

Gideon would like to get an open buggy that is smaller and doesn't pull as hard for the younger horses and for Dodge as she recovers from the 3-5 month rest of caring for her Baby. If you by chance want to donate for the buggy, feel free to send donation via check to: Gideon Lapp 309 Clearview Drive, Quarryville, PA 17566.

We will accept all Donations as a Blessing from God.

May God Bless You richly.

All the best!


Gideon Lapp
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