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Home Delivery or Pick-up Options Available!
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Below are some Recently Answered Questions!

Any other Questions, feel free to fill out the form below, or text Gideon at 717-824-0537.

Answers to some recently Asked Questions:

Can I change the order after I placed it?

Yes, you can change your order anytime till the ordering Deadline, which is 3 days before Delivery.

When is my Card Charged?

Note: Your Card is NOT charged when you confirm the order! It is charged after the food is packed and on the way! Also note: For meat and cheese the exact weight and gift amount may change depending on the final weight of the item.

Pick-up Location frequently asked Questions:

How do Pick-up Locations work:

Our Pick-up locations are at private homes. Our driver sets your packed order at that home, then you pick-up with-in the next 1-5 hours. The complete Location address is given to you after you place the order!

What days are the Pick-ups?

New Jersey is Friday Morning.

Southern New York Friday Morning.

Manhattan is Friday around noon..

How often are the Pick-up locations?

Right now most of the locations are every other week, but we deliver to New Jersey Every week.

Home Delivery frequently asked Questions:

How can we ship Frozen foods and fresh Dairy to you?

We cold-ship everything in Insulated Boxes, and add ice packs. And most times it arrives to you in 1-2 days.

Do I have to be home for Home-delivery?

No, UPS will just set at your doorstep. But it would be nice if it could get in your Fridge soon!

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